Pulponor, S. Coop. Galician founded in 2014 by Luis Fernando and Monica with the aim of offering a set of innovative services to various sectors such as hotels, restaurants and supermarkets. Our previous work experience in sales, customer service and storage help us develop quality work, responsible and professional, meeting the characteristics and needs of each client.


In Pulponor S. Coop. Galician create, roll out and backing a project dedicated to frozen foods and catering supplies. We specialize in high-quality frozen octopus.

We complement this activity with others such as the storage and distribution of frozen, supplying ice and organizing events.

The aim to become a central purchasing cooperativizando and grouping orders and services so that our customers get significant savings on price and costs, and establishing strategic for all parties get benefit alliances.

Quality and efficiency are our fundamental principles. The older we subscribe to the principles and values of the International Cooperative Alliance:

  • Commitment Community
  • Promotion Of training, information and education
  • voluntary Adhesión
  • Autonomy and independence
  • Cooperation between cooperatives
  • democratic Management
  • economic  Participation