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Web Link Voces de Bergantiños. Voces do Mar. Pulpo de lonja. 18.12.2013

The confreries of Fisterra, Corcubión, Lyre, Walls, The Pindo and Carry do Are go to set up the project "Octopus of market", to sell octopus to través dunhaweb. We speak with Emilio Blond, commercial manager of the initiative

Web Link RTVG. 03/12/2013

6 confreries set out "Lonxa in the net", to auction octopus through the internet

Web Link TV27BARBANZA 23.12.2013

Wools cofradías of Fisterra, Corcubión, Lyre, Muros, The Pindo and Port of the Are sold pulpo through internet.

Web Link RTVG A REVISTA 19.03.2015

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