Octopus of Market is the mark under which commercialises the pertinent octopus of the confreries of Finisterre, Corcubión, Lyre, Walls, Or Pindo and Carry do Are that it sells through Market in The Network, a platform of virtual biddings promoted by the Group of Action Costeira 4 to finals of the 2013.

This mark guarantees the origin and the quality of the octopus in front of the consumers. It labels it Octopus of Market identifies the product in the point of sale and in the establishments of hospitality industry in which it serves .

The platform Market in the Network is born with the aim to do this accessible product to big and average buyers through the network, without that they have to displace physically to the market. Like this they will be able to offer to his customers Octopus of Market: an octopus octopus with own mark, Galician, of quality and at good cost.

Only the best Galician octopus can carry marks it Octopus of Market